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My purpose in doing the Schwartzreport podcast is to produce an entirely fact-based presentation in favor of the earth, the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life, democracy, equality for all, liberty, and things that are compassionate life-affirming and fostering of wellbeing. Those are the values I believe in and support. I will also warn about actions, events, and trends that threaten those values. I am not interested in political partisanship except anthropologically. Schwartzreport, both the daily web publication and this weekly podcast, are grounded in objectively verifiable data. Our country now stands at a crossroads, indeed, the world stands at a crossroads where those values are very much at risk and it is up to each of us who care about wellbeing to do what we can to defend those principles.

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America’s Gun Violence Crisis | Episode 29

In this eye-opening episode, we delve into the troubling reality of America's childhood crisis, where the leading cause of death for children is a bullet in their body. Join us as we examine the factors contributing to this tragic...

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